Deck Stain vs Deck Sealer vs Deck Paint

So maybe you already know the difference between deck sealers and deck stains and deck paint…but if not, then read on!

A deck sealer usually does not add any color to the deck, it is applied to protect the deck from scuffs and scrapes, water damage, and mold. Sealers are usually clear in color, but have no UV protection, and can cause wood to gray over time.

A deck stain is basically a deck sealer that will add a stained color to your deck, but still allows the texture of the wood to show through. Like the sealer, a stain gives weather protection, but it also gives some UV protection due to the tint it gives the wood.

A deck paint is sometimes referred to as a solid deck stain, because it colors the deck, but it completely masks the look of the wood.

This was a very brief definition of each product, but we hope it helps clear up some confusion and helps you decide what will look best on your deck!



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