1/8″ Quick-Connect Threaded Terminal


Quick-Connect® Threaded Terminal is a tension adjustment fitting used to terminate cables when you have access to the outside of the face of the post.

Inserts through a drill hole in the post and is secured and adjusted with a washer nut (not included with part #9804). Use beveled washer for angled stair terminations and flat washer for added bearing surface on wood posts.

Quick-Connect® patented automatic-locking jaws allow installation in the field without any special tools. The cable end is simply inserted into the fitting and the spring-loaded one-way jaws grab and lock on.

Tension adjustment fitting, can be paired with any other CableRail fitting. Typically paired with another Quick-Connect® Threaded Terminal.

1/8″ Quick-Connect Threaded Terminal

Weight 0.13 lbs


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