CAMO EdgeClip Deck Fasteners



  • Install grooved decking in less than half the time with the CAMO EdgeClip! NOT RECOMMENDED FOR IPE
  • The CAMO EdgeClip is for a 90° decking pattern and EdgeXClip is for any angle decking pattern
  • The revolutionary design of EdgeClips attach the legs around the joist, eliminating the need for “pre-drilling”
  • Easily secure the clips into the joist with the Never-Miss Guide, included in every package
  • 90 clips cover approximately 50 square feet (4.64 m2) with a 3/16 in. (4.76 mm) spacing based on a joist spacing of 16 in. (406.4mm) on center


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Install decking in half the time using the CAMO EdgeClip. The revolutionary clip design attaches the legs around the joist for a fast and easy installation eliminating the need for “pre-drilling” the clip. The Never-Miss Guide, included in every pail, nestles over the top of the screw and directs the driver bit onto the screw head for fast installation. An independent research firm tested this clip versus other best selling clips and results weren’t even close. The EdgeClip is up to 88% stronger than other manufacturer’s clips for lateral movement. EdgeClips are for a 90° decking pattern and EdgeXClips are for any angle decking pattern. Using EdgeClips and EdgeXClips reduces the cost and eliminates the complexity of plug systems. For the fastest and easiest installation, attach the CAMO EdgeClip with the CAMO DRIVE tool. The CAMO DRIVE is the first stand-up deck fastening tool that allows the user to attach their own drill, choose any of the three fastening methods (CAMO EdgeClip / CAMO EdgeXClip, CAMO collated edge screws and CAMO collated face screws) and secure a deck surface up to 5X faster than traditional fastening methods. The CAMO DRIVE is the fastest, easiest, most versatile and affordable way to put down any deck surface. Period! One T15 star drive bit included.



90, 450, 900


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