Feeney CableRail Kit for Metal – 1/8″


Feeney CableRail Kit for Metal – 1/8″Kit Includes

(1) Quick-Connect¨ Inset Fitting
(1) pair of flat washers
(1) Snug-Grip¨ Washer Nut
(1) stainless steel cable with 4-1/4in. Threaded Terminal

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Feeney CableRail Kit for Metal – 1/8″ is the most popular and cost-effective solution for wood and metal railing frames and includes everything needed to attach and tension a cable. They’re designed for frames where there is access to drill through both end posts allowing the fittings to anchor to the outer faces of the posts.

All fittings and cables are manufactured from high-quality 316-grade stainless steel for weather-tough durability, ultra-low maintenance, and lasting beauty.


Feeney Cable Railing

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