Feeney CableRail Stair Kit


Feeney CableRail Stair Kit Includes

(1) 1/4″-20RH Snug-Grip® washer nut
(1) 3/4″OD x 9/32″ID Beveled Washer
(1) 1″OD x 3/8″ID Flat Washer
(1) 20′ length of 1/8″ diameter cable with Threaded Terminal fitting pre-attached to one end
(1) Quick-Connect® Pivot Fitting

Feeney CableRail Stair Kit makes installing CableRail on stair railings easier than ever! Pre-packaged assemblies include a Quick-Connect® Pivot fitting along with our Threaded Terminal that has been permanently attached to a 20′ length of stainless steel cable.

Feeney CableRail Stair Kit

  • Specially designed for use with wood posts
  • Available in a convenient 20′ length that can be cut to size for use with most projects.
  • Threaded Terminal End for the bottom stair post makes tensioning a breeze
  • Versatile Quick-Connect® Pivot Fitting for the top stair post can be used on posts that don’t have access to the back face of the post
  • Quick-Connect® Pivot Fitting doesn’t require angled holes to be drilled and quickly attaches with a hanger bolt, cutting installation time

(Quick-Connect® Lag Pivot & 7-1/2” Terminal for wood posts)

Feeney Cable Railing


Weight 0.97 lbs


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