Cable Railing – Unencumbered Views for Your Treasured Spaces

What’s a dream home without the perfect view? If your idea of a welcoming space is open, expansive views and lots of natural lighting, you should consider incorporating stainless steel cable railing into your deck, stairs and other outdoor – and indoor – spaces. Minimalist, modern and fully recyclable, stainless steel cable railing is a great option for homeowners looking to make deck or room more spacious and inviting.

A New Horizon

Traditional wooden balusters or pickets can obstruct vision, hinder flow and make nearby spaces feel closed and isolated. Cable railings utilize thin, yet very supportive, steel cables instead of larger wooden spindles and pickets, providing a more open aesthetic. Offering clean lines and unhindered views, cable railings widen one’s field of vision and help to preserve the natural beauty of any location.


Unspoiled Views

With its simple, yet stylish looks, cable railing creates continuous spaces – allowing rooms and outdoor areas to ‘breathe.’ When utilized inside the home, cable railings prevent visual partitions and help rooms appear larger. As a stair railing, cable rail is unobtrusive, showcasing the various levels of a home without drawing attention away from living spaces. When used on an outdoor deck or patio, natural views are more accessible, creating a tranquil gathering space for homeowners and their guests.

Rugged Durability

In addition to being an eye-pleasing design choice, cable railing is a zero hassle, low-maintenance product. In exterior environments, it maintains its look over time with no staining or re-staining necessary, as opposed to wood railings. Carpenter bees and wood eating insects will have to look elsewhere for a food source. Stainless steel railing, with proper care and maintenance, resists rust and corrosion even in coastal environments and areas with frequent wind and rain. And, its “open air” design allows for better air circulation on decks and balconies, and minimizes stress from wind exposure.

Superior Functionality

Stainless steel cable rail is versatile and easy to install. From rustic to contemporary, cable rail is compatible with a wide range of architectural styles. It can also be used in conjunction with existing wood, metal or composite railings to achieve unique looks.

Feeney offers its CableRail stainless cable rail kits in both standard and low profile options for maximum design flexibility. It also offers convenient kits that make it even easier to install CableRail products – perfect for ‘weekend warriors’ and do-it-yourself installers.

Eco-friendly Style

Sturdy steel construction makes cable railing an exceptionally long-lasting product. It’s also sustainable, as it is manufactured from stainless steel that has a very high recycled content. In addition – in contrast to many alternative railing infill products, no chemical treatments, stains, varnishes or preservatives are required. At the end of its useful life, it is fully recyclable, which reduces construction waste and limits the use of non-renewable resources.


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